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Mini−z Tamiya 1/12  1/10 RC CAR
Battery removal tools Taper Clamp Left Hubs for F103/F104 Diff Ring Truer
Clevises Midget Combination Wrench 12mm Lapping Films for the Diff Ring Truer
Modular Bumpers 64 Titanium Diff Cap for F104 Power Lines
Free Rear Axles Suspension Plates for F104
Differential Housing Sets
Gear Differential Titanium Shafts
Suspension Plates
protecbumpers These pages in white are written in Japanese. As they have some product photos posted, please take a look at them. More pages in English are coming soon.
 Lapping Films for the QTEQ Diff Ring Truer 
Lapping films chosen for the QTEQ Diff Ring Truer are for industrial use.  They can produce surface finish of a diff ring nearly equal to a finished surface ground with a wet abrasive paper or emery paper having a grit number that is twice as great as that of a lapping film.
Lapping Film   #320     (red)     6 pieces QT-090502-320
Lapping Film   #600  (green)     6 pieces QT-090502-600
Lapping Film #1000 (orange)     6 pieces QT-090502-1000
Lapping Film Set of three grits (#320 x 2pcs, #600 x 2pcs, #1000 x 2pcs) QT-090501
Made in Japan
QTEQ Lapping Film #320 x6 pcs     QTEQ Lapping Film #600 x6 pcs
#320  #600
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QTEQ Lapping Film #1000 x6 pcs     QTEQ Lapping Film Set  x2 pcs of each grit
#1000 Set of three grits
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