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l| Tamiya 1/12  1/10 RC CAR
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protecbumpers These pages in white are written in Japanese. As they have some product photos posted, please take a look at them. More pages in English are coming soon.
 QTEQ DIFF RING TRUER SET for 1/12-1/10 Scale Car 
gQTEQ Diff Ring Truer (DRT) Seth is a handy device which can produce an ideal diff ring surface with controlled micro grooves and a finish almost like a mirror. This ideal surface condition, created by the diff ringfs planetary-motion, ensures that the diff ring works very well with grease, operates smoothly, slips less, and exhibits direct reaction in response to how you install it. The use of the diff ring truer enables users to save time in performing maintenance of their cars and thus completely enjoy their RC car activities.
   Ground diff ring surface with a uniform finish
The QTEQ DRT produces a uniform diff ring surface by using lapping films, a special drive pen which produces planetary motion and water.
A diff ring automatically makes one rotation in about six revolutions of the diff ring holder and about one hundred revolutions create a uniform ground diff ring surface.
   Industrial use lapping films featuring uniform particle size and distribution
Lapping films chosen for the QTEQ DRT are industrial use standard.
They can produce a surface finish of a diff ring nearly equal to a finished ground surface obtained with a wet abrasive or emery paper having a grit number that is twice as great as that of a lapping film.
   Choice of a proper lapping film grit
Depending on the conditions of the diff ring to be ground, users can choose the proper grit lapping film from start and to finish.

Red320, Green600, Orange1000

The lapping films eventually wear out. However, given proper care, like washing with water after each grinding, they can be used many times.
   Optimally controlled micro grooves
A diff ring surface ground with the QTEQ Diff Ring Truer yields optimally controlled micro grooves produced by its planetary motion. As a consequence, the truer can create a diff ring which will react to how a user installs it on a diff unit of his car.
   QT-090501         Made in Japan
Spare lapping film sets are available.
English Instructions for the QTEQ Diff Ring Truer
   gQTEQ Diff Ring Truer Seth consists of:
Acryl Stage Set          x 1
Drive pen                   x 1
Diff ring holder            x 1
O-ring                       x 1
Lapping films: #320 (red)   x 2,   #600 (green)   x 2,   #1000 (orange)   x 2
Lapping film case         x 1
M2x2 #0 counter-sunk head screws   x 6   (including 3 spare screws)
Diff Ring Truer Set Diff Ring Holder with a diff ring installed
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